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Tholubommalata – Hand Painted Leather Puppetry

Leather puppetry shows used to be a form of storytelling and entertainment in many parts of India. Beautiful mythological designs were hand drawn with fine brushes to make puppets. We work with these artisan families from Andhra Pradesh and develop unique products that fit with the times.  

Sita, who the ideal Indian woman is a reflection of, is grossly misunderstood or naively portrayed, so is the average Indian woman. There is no one other character in the Ramayana who deftly balanced her devotion, her sincerity to her duties, her courage in times of trouble even when Rama faltered, resolute when it came to preserving here dignity, than Sita. Like the Indian woman…

Ramayana resonates loud and true in Tholubommalata – An art that has survived the ravages of time and technology for centuries. Now, trying to survive the pandemic. Sita, is celebrated in this art form. Her leather puppet form is the most colorful of all the characters. Like Sita, herself. the artists’ devotion to Sita is evident in the colors she is portrayed in.

The Craft Katha, Remembering Sita, Celebrating the Indian woman and supporting artisans….

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